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Not all yarn is equal. If you use Cotton DK yarn then you will probably already know that. If you are looking for a premium quality, super-soft, 100% cotton DK yarn at a fabulous price point then this is the one for you.


From children’s hats to baby bonnets, soft-blankets and throws to classy boleros, cardigans, jumpers, and home accessories - Emu Cotton DK is the softest most universal cotton DK yarn that you will find!

At first glance, this is a regular everyday cotton 100g DK ball of yarn. But once you have felt the wonderful soft touch, smooth working feel and impeccable stitch definition of Emu Cotton DK you will quickly realise the only thing ‘everyday’ about it is the exceptional price point. It’s just about the perfect choice of cotton DK yarn, knitting to a regular DK tension it is the ideal choice for almost any project.

Cotton DK 003 - Frost

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