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Emu devotees had been clamouring for a 100g Aran since the launch of the Classic range with Emu Classic DK in 2021 and it immediately became a huge favourite, outselling every other acrylic Aran we from day one! Featuring the iconic monochrome ball band with its unique metallic pewter strip, in just a few months Emu Classic Aran has become the go-to Aran yarn choice for thousands of savvy UK knitters and crocheters. If you want a high-quality premium acrylic Aran yarn at a great price, then this is a yarn switch you won’t regret making.

The colour palette has been inspired by the most popular shades in the wider Emu Classic range, and the super-soft premium acrylic handle is everything you would expect from the Emu brand. Customer reviews confirm that the stitch definition is first-class, a yarn that ‘glides off the needles’ and ‘knits up beautifully’.

The one word that is synonymous with all of the Emu Classic ranges is softness. It is always the first thing that customers notice when they feel these yarns. But being soft doesn’t come at the expense of practicality… Emu Classic Aran is fully machine washable at 40 degrees and can even go in the tumble drier. Versatility and durability with a super-soft feel - what more can you possibly want from an Aran yarn?

Emu Aran 100g

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