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Another modern classic from Emu has arrived, and this one is a very BIG deal! Emu Classic Aran with Wool has taken its place in the best-selling Emu Classic range. Taking rose gold for its iconic metallic and monochrome ball band, we confidently predict that Emu Classic Aran with Wool is going to quickly become the number one 400g choice for savvy knitters and crocheters.

Brand new for Autumn/Winter 2022, with its 400g balls and generous 840m length, Emu Classic Aran with Wool follows the now well-established Emu principle of offering premium yarn at a sensible price. With a truly outstanding hand-curated shade range, a premium wool-blend handle, beautiful stitch definition, and an easy-on-the-needles feel, we predict that this yarn will become a staple for your stash very quickly.

Softness is one of the defining characteristics of all the Emu Classic ranges. But being soft, and a wool-blend yarn doesn’t mean it's not practical and versatile. Emu Classic Aran with Wool is still fully machine washable at 40 degrees. Versatility and durability with a super-soft feel - what more can you want from a Aran with wool yarn?

From warm winter sweaters to cuddly throws, with this incredible Aran with wool yarn, anything goes! You simply won’t find a better choice of premium Aran with wool yarn for all your knitting and crochet needs than Emu Classic Aran with Wool 400g.

Emu Aran With Wool - French Navy

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